Producttechnicalparameter (10)
  Fromat tacksthenailhigh strength(41)
  Machine screw (15)
  self propelledcar(16)
  Stampin garticle(13)
  Screw boltnut(15)
  Other products(14)
  chuan yong(5)
  Heat treatment(10)



  The Yantai ten thousand feudal official metal product Limited company is the upscale furniture hardware, from attacks the nail, the stamping article high strength and so on each kind of standard letter specialty Production enterprise
  The company was founded in 2001, the development until now in several years, has amounted to more than 500 ten thousand Yuan the company year sales revenue by the end of 2008. The company is situated at north the Shandong Peninsula, seeks the mountain road located at the Muping area, is leads to Yantai and Weihai's key communication line. North here is near Yellow Sea, south depends on the Kunyu, the pleasant weather, the fine scenery, the trade is developed, navy, army, air forces good communications.
  The company introduces Taiwan and the Japanese brand-new complete set production equipment and the heat treatment production line. Adapts what with the advanced production equipment is the abundant technical force and the rich production experience, the complete examination method and so on complete quality assurance system. At present the company according to the domestic and foreign market requirement, may produce the international standard, the beautiful sign, the date sign, the German sign, the British sign and so on many kinds of standards, each kind of head, the trough, the tail and many kinds of materials from attacks the nail, the machine screw, the sparganium stoloniferum nail, the wall plate nail, the clamping plank nail, the inside and outside hexagon bolt and so on 25 varieties, more than 2000 specification each kind of bolt. The quality, the date of delivery achieves the user to be satisfied. The product mainly exports countries and the area and so on US, Canada, Sweden, Dubai.
  The company has received all levels of Department responsible for the work's support vigorously since starting doing business, also obtains the community friend's warm help, makes the company enterprise to progress day by day. Regarding this, the company all staff expresses the heartfelt gratitude, and hoped that has further everywhere friend's support from all walks of life. The company as always, “will be supreme by the user, the quality first, serves first” is an objective, welcome everywhere guest presence instruction zealously.

  This company has the independence import and export ability

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 Address: The Shandong Province Yantai Muping area seeks the mountain road 259-84
 Telephone:0535-4255768 Facsimile:0535-4237796 Handset:13606451018
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